8 Haunted London Pubs

8 Haunted London Pubs

Photo by Sara Groblechner on Unsplash

8 Haunted Pubs in London

1.The Volunteer, Baker Street, NW1 

A manor house that belonged to the Neville Family burnt down in 1654 and the spirit of Robert Neville lingers on in the place, lurking in the dark recesses of the cellar in surcoat, breeches, and fancy stockings.

2. The Black Swan, Bow Road, E3

The ghosts of the unfortunates killed when the original Black Swan was destroyed in a Zeppelin Raid in 1916, haunt the modern pub

3. The Old Queens Head, Essex Road, Canonbury, N1 

Sir Walter Raleigh used the original pub of the same name on this site, but developers pulled it downdown. A lady in a Tudor dress and a sad little girl haunt this pub. On the first Sunday of the month, unseen hands open and close the doors and people hear the sound of footsteps.

4. The Gun Inn, Coldharbour, Docklands, E14. 

They say the ghost of Horatio Nelson haunts this pub; he used to meet Lady Hamilton here.

5. Spaniards Inn, Hampstead, London, NW3 

This is the inn that used to be the base of Dick Turpin, the highwayman. His spirit can be seen riding across the Heath.

6. Ye Old Gate House, Highgate Hill, N6 

This pub dates from 1306 and was originally a drovers pub. The ghost is Mother Marnes, murdered for her money. They see her wearing a black dress, but never when children or animals are on the premises.

7. The Horns Pub, Crucifix Lane, London Bridge, SE1 

This pub is under the arches of the railway. Its ghost is a harmless old lady. It used to be the haunt of a little child seeking its mother, but she has gone.

8. The Grenadier, Wilton Row, SW1 

The most famous haunted pub in the world. The ghost of a young guards officer appears in September, the anniversary of his death in the early Nineteenth Century. They caught him cheating at cards and in the scuffle that followed fell downstairs and was killed. The apparition appears as a shapeless blob, or as poltergeist activity, or as puffs of hot cigar smoke.

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