Hotel Scandinavia Venice

Hotel Scandinavia, Campo S. Maria Formosa, Castello 5240 

The building dates from the year 1000 (the walls and foundations are from Byzantine times); according to legend it was here the pretty Desdemona first met the Moor Othello, at a party. The palace was rebuilt and given its present arrangement in the late sixteenth century by the Trevisan family, Venetian merchants since centuries. 

We don’t know whether the hotel is haunted, but the city is. Taking an unknown, unmarked street in Venice can lead one to wander hopelessly through the city for years. Happy to be away from the crowd, stroll through the picturesque streets. Small canals glisten in the sun while lovely flowers hang from high terraces as you follow one unknown street into the other, enjoying the quiet shaded passages. What strange and hidden things lie behind these rotting facades? There are so many ghosts in this place you can almost can feel them bump into you as they glide by. 

The Bridge of Sighs is definitely haunted – voices, groans, and sighs have all been reported on the walkway. Once the walkway connected a prison to the Doge’s Palace.

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