The Spooky History of the Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-Under-Edge

Is The Ancient Ram Inn Haunted?

Is The Ancient Ram Inn Haunted?

Have you ever been to the ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire? If not, then you’re missing out on one of the most haunted places in Britain.

The Ram Inn is no longer a pub, and hasn’t been for many years. It is, however, a venue for ghost hunts and paranormal experiences, using ghost hunting equipment and Ouija board activities on overnight vigils. You can contact the Ram for details on how to take part in a ghost hunt there.

In this article, we’ll talk about the scary history of the old Ram Inn, as well as its current owner and any ghosts that have been seen there.

Ancient Ram inn History

The Ancient Ram Inn is a historic

grade ii listed building that used to be a pub. It is in Wotton-under-Edge, an English market town in the Stroud district.

It is said to be the most haunted house in the UK and has been the site of many ghost stories and eerie happenings since 1145. Some of the most popular include the story of a woman who died in childbirth and her child, who haunts the building to this day. Visitors have also reported seeing apparitions and hearing eerie sounds at night.

Built in the 12th century, the old inn is one of the oldest buildings in the village. It was nearly demolished before John Humphries bought it. However, thanks to efforts by volunteers and historians over recent years, restoration work has been completed, and today visitors can explore its halls once again!

He Was The Sole Occupant Of The Inn For Many Years

Until his death in December 2017, John Humphries was the private owner and only occupant. In the 1960s, John Humphries bought the building to keep it from being torn down.

Once he’d moved in, he said he met the many ghosts that made the Ancient Ram one of the most haunted places in England, The first night he stayed there, he says that evil spirits grabbed him by the arm and pulled him with a demonic force from his bed across the room.

Since then, he claimed he had found proof that the pub’s grounds had been used for ritual sacrifices and devil worship.

He found the skeletal remains of children who, he thinks, were stabbed to death with daggers. Even though he reported seeing many ghosts there, John never stopped living there. His wife and daughters wouldn’t live at the inn, so he stayed there alone. He stayed there to make sure it didn’t fall down. Even though the ghosts came back every night, John remained there for over 50 years, until he died in late 2017.

Who Owns The Inn Now?

The Ram is now owned by John’s daughter Caroline Humphries. Unlike her father, she will not stay in the building. Towards the end of his life, when he broke his leg, she tried to get paid carers to come in and help him. They refused because of the ghosts. They finally agreed to come and give him the care he needed, but they would only come in pairs. Caroline said,

“So what happened was that we agreed with the organisation that we could bring in two, and since it’s a haunted house, we also paid for that. I have nothing to say to them. I’ve seen caregivers running down the stairs on the CCTV and heard them yelling and screaming into the microphones!”

Caroline didn’t blame them for not wanting to visit the haunted house. When asked whether she wanted to stay the night, she said she was too afraid.

“I did once, and won’t ever again. People get a strong presence on their chest and can’t get out of bed. I experience furniture being dragged around understand – a really heavy, loud, laborious dragging noise.”

Reported Ghosts

The ancient Ram Inn has a haunted past- and it’s not just the rooms that are haunted! There have been reports of ghosts over the years, including a nun, a young girl, and a man with an axe. Some of these spooks are said to haunt the pub, corridors, and rooms. If you’re brave enough, it’s always worth checking out the inn for yourself- and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to encounter one of the reported ghosts! Bring a torch! This is the classic example of a haunted house.

One theory is that the Ram lies on a meeting of Ley lines which connects to the centre of Stonehenge. This gives it its concentration of high spiritual energy.

Because ghosts have been seen and felt in the house, it has been looked into by several paranormal researchers, including the TV shows Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures in the US.

One story about the Ancient Ram Inn is about a witch who was said to have been burned at the stake in the 1500s. What did she do wrong? If you didn’t believe in or practise Christianity, which was against the law, you could be put to death. Certainly a woman’s spirit has been seen many times.

Many people think that the unhappy woman’s ghost still lives in the building. The woman may have been hiding in the room before she was found and killed. Today, people call that room The Witch’s Room.

Most people think that when the Ancient Ram property’s water was moved, a portal for dark energy opened up. John Humphries, who used to live in the house, said that opened the way for ghosts to manifest there. This might be another description for the intersection of ley lines that is said to be under the building.

John said that on his first night, a demon grabbed him by the arm and pulled him from his bed across the room.

John found proof that people worshipped the Devil and did ritual sacrifices. Just under the stairs, he found the bones of children who had died. There were also broken daggers among the bones.

Until he died, he said that the house was haunted, and that he was often attacked by ghosts and other spirits. There have been many sightings of the inn’s former owners, living and sitting with the people who stay there now.

The bishop’s room is the name of the room in the inn that is said to be the most haunted room. It is up the staircase on the first floor of the house.

When the inn was still a bed-and-breakfast, many guests did not want to stay in the room. Some people who tried to sleep ran away in the middle of the night. People say that a monk’s ghost haunts the room.

People have also seen the ghost of a centurion on horseback. People say that the plumber who saw the horse riding ghost was scared to death when the ghost went straight through the wall. Popular legend has it that a succubus sneaks into the beds of tourists while they sleep. Or is it an incubus?

There are all sorts of ghostly activity. There are also stories about the former innkeeper’s daughter being hung up in the attic, the ghosts of children who were killed in a ritual, exorcisms, and other strange, scary things that happen there.

Ghost hunters have taken pictures of orbs that look like these spirits. People who wanted to see into the afterlife have been scared by strange lights. …


Although the Ram is no longer a B&B, you can still book an overnight ghost hunt to investigate the paranormal activities in this old building apparently built on the site of an ancient pagan burial ground. I believe you get the run of the entire inn. Send them an email.

Contact The Ancient Ram

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