Charleville Castle

The Ghosts of Druids & Children

Charleville is Irelands finest gothic revival castle. It is considered to be a masterpiece of Francis Johnstons, who designed the GPO in Dublin. The castle was built between 1798 and 1810. The massive dining room was designed by Sir William Morris. 

Paul Ulrich and his family from South Boston were sent to Charleville Castle at the invitation of Fox Scariest Places on Earth. Paul had always believed in ghosts but he never saw one before. That changed when he got to Charleville, where he saw a glowing fog float right by him. His family also saw and heard floating apparitions, voices, footsteps and at one point Paul’s are got pulled over his head even though even though no one was there.

The Charleville Castle has been searched over for years by parapsychologists and forensic investigators with ultra-sensitive and mega-expensive equipment in search for poltergeists. As the story goes, the castle was built in the 1700s over top of an ancient druid burial ground where people were once buried alive in an attempt to stop the spread of the black plague centuries before. Tales of the man who build it had practiced devil worship and others about men going mad and locking children in the basement are also attached to the gothic tower.

As recently as the turn of the century, a young girl fell to her death from a staircase banister.

In August 2003, some English visitors were too scared to sleep in their individual rooms and so all lay down together in the morning room. All throughout the night they heard furniture being mysteriously dragged around in the distance. A t around 5 am, one of them felt something/someone standing beside her as she lay on the sofa. She turned to see a gentleman stood in the window beside the piano in a suit and a low hat. He said he would not harm her, but was just curious as to why we were here and what we were doing. She explained and he vanished.

 Today, visit Charleville Forest Castle, complete with Druid’s Initiation Circle as well as dark, spooky catacombs and a tower that the late Charles Bury, First Earl of Charleville, still walks. Many orbs “ghostly balls of light” have been spotted throughout the castle to remind us all that we are not alone.

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