Clytha castle

Clytha castle, nr. Abergavenny, Wales

About Clytha Castle

Located in Monmouthshire, Wales, close to the village of Llanarth, Clytha Castle is a historic country home. The current castle was constructed in the early 19th century after being restored after being destroyed by fire in the early 17th century.

The first castle was constructed in the early 17th century.

The castle was created by the renowned architect John Davenport, who also created other illustrious structures in Wales, such as the County Gaol in Carmarthen and the Old College in Aberystwyth.
The National Trust owns the castle, which is currently a Grade II* listed structure.

The gardens, which feature a walled garden, an orchard, and a lake, are accessible to the general public. The castle’s interior is not accessible to the general public, but it can be rented for weddings and other occasions.

Self Catering – Sleeps 6 (steep staircases)

This property is owned by the Landmark Trust. Your email will go through to their booking office and they will contact you directly Built in 1790 by William Jones- this is not a medieval castle at all, but a Gothic pile. Jones built it to soothe his mental anguish after losing his beloved wife to whom the castle is dedicated.

The Castle has a lot of atmosphere in its own right, but is close to the haunted towns of Usk and Monmouth. You are also close to the spooks of Llancaiach Fawr 

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The Ghosts of Clytha Castle

Clytha Castle is said to be haunted by various tales and rumours. Within the castle walls, some people assert to have witnessed or heard spectral apparitions and paranormal noises.

Colonel Thomas Jones, a past owner of the site, is the subject of one of the more well-known ghost stories connected to Clytha Castle. The colonel’s daughter reportedly passed very tragically, and he was so grieved that he instructed her body to be embalmed and stored in a glass casket in the chapel of the castle. The ghostly image of a young girl, thought to be the colonel’s daughter, has been sighted by several castle visitors strolling the halls or standing by the chapel window.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that these tales are based on local mythology and that there is no hard proof to back up allegations of paranormal activity at Clytha Castle. The Landmark Trust which oversees the site, neither supports nor promotes any such assertions.

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