castle leslie


Castle Leslie, Glaslough
Co. Monaghan

Castle Leslie in the Kingdom of Oriel, just two hours from Dublin has been in the Leslie family for over 300 years. It is a very special place that has changed little since the present Castle was built. The Castle is set in an estate that covers 1000 acres beside the picturesque cut stone village of Glaslough. On arrival Guests will not find a front of house reception desk but a welcoming oak panelled hall and afternoon tea in the Drawing Room. 

It is also very haunted and was featured in a recent edition of “Ghost hunters”. Uncles and aunts regularly revisit, even after they’re dead.

Norman Leslie, a hero in the First World War, appeared as an apparition at Glaslough, strangely, a week before, as well as few weeks after, his death. Norman appeared on the terrace in broad daylight, one week before he was killed. A month later, Marjorie Leslie awoke one night to see him, in a cloud of light, while he pulled open drawers and rummaged through bundles of letters. When she addressed him, he just smiled at her and faded away. A film has recently been made about this. There is also a ghostly dog called Patch. 

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