Dalhousie castle

Dalhousie Castle
near Edinburgh, Scotland

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It is difficult to imagine a building which now stands peacefully along the River South Esk amongst the rolling Midlothian countryside, has experienced such a varied and turbulent past. Dalhousie Castle dates back to the 13th Century and was originally built by the Ramsays of Dalhousie, a noble Scottish family descended from Simundus de Ramseia, who in about 1140 followed King David I to Scotland from the Huntingdonshire village of Ramsay. Of the original Castle structure, only the enormously thick foundation walls and vaulted dungeons remain, the rest of the present-day building was constructed around 1450 from hard, pink sandstone, quarried from the banks of the nearby River South Esk. Although later structural changes were made to the Castle, it’s original shape, and inner L-shaped keep surrounding by an outer curtain wall, can be seen today. During the 15th Century, the imposing drum tower was added. Finally in 1633 William the first Earl of Dalhousie, built out to the curtain wall from the keep. 

The castle has a grey lady, but this figure has been seen and even photographed. (here) Staff report strange occurrances all the time… And Edinburgh with its ghost walks and creepy history is close nearby.

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