Glamis castle

Glamis Castle, Forfar Angus DD8 1RJ 

Supposed to be the most haunted castle in Scotland and famous for its connections with the infamous MacBeth, the castle is supposed to be home to vampires, witches and monsters as well as ghosts.

Sounds of stamping, swearing and the rattling of dice are occasionally heard drifting from the tower where Earl Beardie is said to have cursed God and challenged the devil to a game of cards. 

A “tongue-less woman” has also been seen racing across the grounds at midnight, tearing at her mouth.

Glamis’ vampire is said to be a woman servant who was caught sucking the blood of a victim. Legend has it that she was walled up alive in a secret chamber, where she waits until someone lets her loose again.

There are aslo modern poltergeist phenomena including screams, banging noises, bedclothes mysteriously ripped off beds at night and doors that refuse to stay closed, even after being bolted and hammered shut. 

Opening Hours
Castle and Grounds Open every day from 2nd April -12th November,10:30am to 5:30pm. (Last Admission 4.45 pm) from 2nd April-31st October (in July/August open from 10am). Last Admission 1st-12th November 4:00pm.

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