The Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece, York16 Pavement York YO1 2ND

The Golden Fleece is situated in The Stonebow on the Minster side of the River Ouse. Follow all city centre signs and locate the enormous Marks & Spencers corner site which is next to a green-signposted tourist and shopping street called “The Shambles”.

The Golden Fleece is directly opposite Marks and Spencers doors, and the Yellow line Park and Ride bus stop. There is parking on either side of the street just after Fibbers (on your left), or the Castle car park (near Clifford’s Tower). By Rail 

The Golden Fleece is the oldest and most haunted Coaching Inn in York. The horses were stabled where the beer garden now stands. The Golden Fleece is mentioned in the York archives as far back as 1503.

Initially belonging to The Merchant Adventurers, who were responsible for the burgeoning woollen trade based on the River Ouse from the 14th Century, the inn sign signifies their importance to York. 

The yard at the rear is named after Lady Alice Peckett, whose husband John was the Lord Mayor of York and also owned this historic inn around 1702.

Many guests have reported seeing the late Lady Peckett wandering the endless corridors and staircases of the Golden Fleece in the small hours. Including ghostly apparitions and moving furniture, hers is just one of our 5 supposed resident spirits!

If you think the floors are uneven, it’s not the influence of other spirits – the building is a wooden frame without foundations, hence the quaintly uneven floors. 

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