Raby Castle

Raby Castle, County Durham, N.E. England

Raby Castle, County Durham, N.E. England


Charles Neville, 6th Earl of Westmorland, has been seen floating upstairs to the Baron’s Hall where in 1569 he sat at the head of a huge table and planned the Rising of the Northern Earls. The company had decided against it when his wife stormed into the hall. She called them cowards and knaves that they dared not fight for their faith. And so, flamed by her foolish words, they fought and lost. He fled to Scotland and then to Holland. The Nevilles lost everything, Raby and their titles. He lies buried in Dutch soil – by day. At night and every night, he is back at Raby. 

Henry Vane the Younger also carries a grudge from the grave. He was imprisoned when the Stuarts returned to Raby Castle and executed under a trumped up treason charge. They wouldn’t let him speak to his people at the execution and the sheriff ordered the trumpeters to blow loud to drown out the sound of his voice. He was still speaking when his head rolled off. Every night Sir Henry sits writing at his desk in the library at Raby.There is something strange about him. His body ends at the shoulders. His head lies on the desk facing him, the lips moving as if dictating a letter or making a speech. 

Raby Castle’s final and most often seen ghost is that of the first Lady Barnard or the ‘Old Hell Cat’ as they called her. She is a fearsome old lady who stalks the castle each night with wild glowing eyes and knitting with white hot needles, remembering how her son Gilbert married against her wishes……

Open Daily from 1pm to 5pm daily except Saturday in June, July, August. May &September Wed, Sun Only and over all Bank Holidays from the Saturday to the following Wednesday. Park & Gardens 
Open from 11am to 5:30pm (days as for Castle)

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