rosslyn castle

Rosslyn Castle
Roslin, nr Edinburgh

Self Catering -sleeps 7 (steep staircases)

This property is owned by the Landmark Trust. Your email will go through to their booking office and they will contact you directly

Rosslyn Castle was built in 1450 on a tree covered spine of rock rising from the River Esk just south of Edinburgh. At that time the owner was William, Prince of Orkney, who ate off gold and silver plates. He also built the mysterious nearby chapel of Roslin whose architecture is said to hide riddles about the heretical and magical beliefs of the Knights Templar. The Chapel is also rumoured to be the hiding place of the Holy Grail, recovered by the Templars from Jerusalem and brought back to Scotland. As well as these dark secrets, for which the Templars were accused of devil worship and excommunicated (many fleeing to Scotland from France and England), nearby is Edinburgh with its ghosts and ghost walks. 

Visitors shouldn’t forget to pull up the throw rug in the front hallway and take a look at the trap door, which,if open, would send the unsuspecting intruder down to the floor below. Although the 5 stories below the main house are plain, they’re really worth a serious look-over, especially the tremendously large fireplaces. The damp and the dark truly make one wonder what it would have been like to be a soldier cooped up in there in the medieval era. – 

Kitchen is very much a ‘one chef at a time’ job. 

You can rent Rosslyn Castle, which on one side drops 60 feet into the ravine below, which is still owned by the Earl of Rosslyn.

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